In the span of 1 year I went from 245 pounds to 160 following a ketogenic lifestyle. I also lost 24% body fat! I couldn’t have done it without the support of my wife and best friend Sonia.

I’m just NOW starting to exercise.

On top of that my back pain which was so extreme at times I couldn’t stand is now completely gone.

I had severe sleep apnea and was on a Bi-Pap machine. Gone!

I was pre-diabetic and now that is gone.

My skin has cleared up dramatically and i’m much happier and healthy than i’ve ever been thanks to this way of living. It all started New years 2018 after a long conversation with my friend Ron Entwistle. This man saved me!

Recently I’ve been coaching over 100 people on the science of ketosis, cholesterol, weight loss, and practical tips for success from my experiences. I’m an avid reader and since starting keto have read over 20 books (which is amazing because pre keto I didn’t even like reading). I realize the more I learn the more I definitely don’t know.

I just started to learn how to cook and decide to start this website to share what i’m learning and others around me are learning and experiencing.