Thai Style Coconut Fish Curry or Soup

This incredible Thai style fish curry is Keto friendly and brought to you by the talented Mark Entwistle!


Keto Sous Vide Scrambled Eggs with Bacon and Pancakes.

I don’t eat breakfast often but when I do it’s usually this! Sonia and I eat breakfast together on Friday mornings and this is my go to breakfast. Includes PANCAKES!


Keto Fettuccini Alfredo

Another Awesome Recipe from Mark Entwistle!

Notes: I was missing Italian food so adapted this recipe to satisfy my craving for pasta. The recipe uses low carb friendly, flat fettuccini style shirataki noodles.


Keto Meatballs with Italian Gravy

My Aunt Gayle sent me this recipe. If you are missing Italian food in your Keto lifestyle this is a perfect dish!


Troy’s Keto Salad

This is loosely based off a salad recipe in Keto Connect’s “Keto Made Easy” book. I played around with it and come up with something that Sonia and I really enjoyed! It’s high fat and protein and very low carb! I also use hot sauce for the eggs and lettuce. Feel free to use any salad dressing you like, just stay away from canola, soybean, and other inflammatory oils! I recommend primal kitchen dressings as they use avocado oil as the base.


Parmesan Crusted Pork

One of my favorite meats at Fogo De Chao is the “Parmesan Crusted Pork Loin.” I tried to recreate it at home being Keto Friendly. This is what I came up with! It’s very close but not exact. One thing I think could help is going liberal on the cheese!


Peruvian Ribeye Scrambled Eggs or Omelette

Sonia is from Peru and has a killer recipe for an omelette she taught me. I now use it often when traveling for work, cooking in my hotel room. It’s a perfect OMAD meal as well as it’s easier just to add more of what you like and extremely nutrient dense.


Keto Air Fryer Buffalo Wings

One of the biggest issues with Buffalo wings is the sauce. They tend to use sugar based sauces OR when they have no sugar they are using toxic oils like canola or soybean oil in the sauce then fried at high temperatures. This is a recipe for disaster!

This recipe is not only Keto Friendly, tastes amazing, but contains no seed oils!


Anticuchos with Salsa Huancaína (Peruvian Beef Hearts with Spicy Cheese Sauce)

As I try to eat organ meats, I find myself drawn to this traditional Peruvian dish. If you go to any good Peruvian restaurant they will likely have this on the menu as an appetizer. It goes perfect with the Aji Amarillo sauce for dipping. Beef heart is extremely nutritious (Especially grass fed/finished) and taste and texture is like a cross between steak and liver in my opinion. I do prefer it more well done due to not liking the texture of liver but I tend to eat it medium because i’m just used to cooking stakes to medium rare - medium.

Picadillo Chaffles

I’ve combined an authentic picadillo recipe I learned with chaffles for an incredible savory experience!