Exogenous Ketones are a Tool (How to implement them properly in a Keto Lifestyle) by Troy Lightfoot

Disclosure: I have no affiliation with any products nor do I make money off of recommending anything. I am only sharing my experience.

Recently i’ve been seeing a lot of hate towards exogenous ketones. A Doctor and Youtuber I really admire and respect put out a video last week ranting about them. You can watch that below…

I understand his opinion and believe it’s a logical argument. A well formulated ketogenic diet does not require exogenous ketones, I completely agree. A lot of companies are now trying to take advantage of the keto craze and sell people products they don’t need, I also agree.

Before discussing why I think they are a tool that can be used effectively, I will give a little background about myself and exogenous ketones.

One of the first videos I watched online was of Dom D’agostino on the Joe Rogan podcast discussing Keto and exogenous ketones. Dom is one of my favorite people in the community and I was fascinated by this discussion about his work with Navy Seal Divers and the potential of exogenous ketones. So much so that I went out and bought some exogenous ketones when I first started Keto.

Many people find the transition to Keto difficult at first. Typical side effects are…

  1. Low Energy

  2. Headaches

  3. Flu Like Symptoms

  4. Cravings

My first week I took a product called “Kegenix Prime” every morning and a few times a week took a meal replacement called “Keto Meal” and I didn’t experience any of these symptoms. In fact I believe these products made my transition extremely easy and I had LOTS of energy the first week of Keto while transitioning.

In my experience the benefits of these products for newer people are…

  • Gives your brain instant ketones and puts your into a state of ketosis without waiting 3 or more days (prime does that)

  • Gives you a meal replacement which makes it easier to not worry about a meal

  • Helps prevent “Ketu flu” by giving you electrolytes and ketones

  • Makes you feel full and you naturally eat less which is definitely helpful at first. 

  • Adding MCT oil to Either is a great way to add fat for the day

After the transition I believe products like prime aren’t really needed on a daily basis or at all but can be used strategically for a pre workout or if you decide to go out of ketosis, it can help speed up the entrance again.

On the other hand I think the Keto Meal product is still a good meal replacement or supplement to a meal and can be use strategically in a lifestyle.

Personally I don’t use them often but from time to time I will still use them when it feels appropriate.

Tools are just that, tools. Understanding what tool is useful for right job can help lead to success.