Peruvian Ribeye Scrambled Eggs or Omelet

Sonia is from Peru and has a killer recipe for an omelette she taught me. I now use it often when traveling for work, cooking in my hotel room. It’s a perfect OMAD meal as well as it’s easier just to add more of what you like and extremely nutrient dense.

Serves 1-2


  • 4 Pasture Raised Eggs (I use these

  • 6oz Thin sliced Ribeye Steak (Or any sliced steak) Use Grass fed when available.

  • 1/8 of an onion

  • Handful of Cilantro

  • 1 TBSLP Cooking Fat (Bacon fat, Pork Fat, or Avocado or Olive oil)

  • Garlic Salt

  • Black Pepper


4 Pasture Raised Eggs

  • Chop the onions very fine

  • Chop the steak into small chunks

  • Chop cilantro very fine

  • Add 4 eggs in a bowl and beat/mix

  • Place cooking fat, in pan and heat on medium. (I usually use either pork fat, or in my hotel room I will cook bacon first on the pan and then leave some of the fat left over to cook in. Whatever you do, do NOT use any other “vegetable” oils except for Avocado or Olive oil. For more details see my blog post here

  • Place onions in pan and simmer

  • Add steak and continue to simmer

  • Shake garlic salt over steak in pan

  • Shake pepper over steak in pan

  • Mix when one side is brown

  • Shake garlic salt over steak in pan one more time

  • Once steak is no longer red (but not well done) pour egg mix into pan and move pan around to spread eggs evenly.

  • Place on med/low heat

  • Add chopped cilantro, spreading around the pan.

  • Once bottom of eggs are cooked, use spatula and mix it all up to cook uncooked areas.

  • Cook until temp you like your eggs. I prefer them about medium which is right before they start to brown. Mixing along the way and chopping as you are mixing.

  • Serve!

To Make the Omelet instead, just skip the mixing step and use spatula to cut into quarters and flip.


Fat 65.5%

Protein 34%

Carbs 0.5%

Calories: 844