Tips for keeping it Keto while Traveling by Troy Lightfoot

I travel every week for work. When I first began keto I was nervous about sticking with it but developed some things that worked for me to make it easy. This was before I began intermittent fasting which makes it a whole lot easier and less effort while traveling.


Carry nuts with you

Nuts are a high fat low carb snack that you can also use a side to any meal. I sometimes to use them to replace carbs. For example, I used to eat at this Himalyan place a lot and I would get their chicken and tell them to hold the rice. Instead of rice I would eat my nuts I carried with him. Complete macros of fat and protein that way. 

The nuts that are great for keto are…

1.     Macadamia nuts

2.     Pecans

3.     Brazil Nuts

4.     Walnuts

5.     Almonds.


Watch out for over consumption of walnuts, brazil nuts, and almonds though as they are higher in Phytic Acid. Especially ALMONDS! To learn more about why, check out my blog post here

 I created a keto trail mix that I sometimes travel with. You can find that recipe here:


Carry MCT oil with you.

MCT has many benefits but for traveling it makes life a lot easier. Not only does it help generate more ketones after consumption but it’s a super easy way to add fat for the day if you are trying to keep with keto macros and you don’t have to worry about fat from vegetable oils or fat from grain fed meat. You can eat leaner meat while on the road because you pretty much know it will be grain fed and add your fats with MCT oil.


Two strategies I’ve used. 

Buy small travel containers from CVS or Walgreens that are meant to carry shampoo, etc and fill them with MCT oil. Another option to try is buying the pre-packaged brain octane oil travel kits.


Ask for heavy cream at Starbucks

Starbucks will give you a side of heavy cream for your coffee if you ask for it. In fact here is a quote you can use that I’ve said numerous times at starbucks… “I have certain dietary restrictions, can I please have a side of heavy cream?” Watching their reaction is part of the fun. 


Carry Truvia packets

 If you like a little sweetness in your coffee or tea, carry packets of truvia with you.



One of my favorite snacks or sides (which is what I usually use them as) are Whisps. Whisps are cheese crips which are almost zero carb depending on the flavor. My favorite is the asiago and pepperjack but they are all good!

Keto Meal

Sometimes I carry these travel packs of Keto Meal by Kegenix as a meal replacement. I usually add MCT oil to to it as well. It’s high in minerals like potassium and vitamins. My only wish is that they didn’t use sunflower oil but after speaking with them, they confirmed they are using high oleic sunflower oil which is the best you can get. I WOULD NOT cook with it though. They have some recipes for keto meal I don’t recommend trying. As a cold drink, just add some MCT oil or even heavy cream for a more full meal replacement. It also tastes very good.

For more info on exogenous ketones pros and cons check out my blog post here.

Eat at chipotle.

Chipotle is everywhere when traveling is and is one of the easiest places to eat keto. Order a bowl with steak, chicken, or carnitas. Add lettuce, hot sauce (if you like) cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and even queso. You can customize the bowl however you like just stay away from rice, beans, and the corn!

In a pinch know what to order at fast food.

If you find yourself wanting to eat but there is nothing around except fast food you have two options. Just fast (probably the best option) or customize a fast food order. It’s pretty's simple at burger places. Just order a burger without the bun and without ketchup. At places like Taco Bell they actually have bowls you can customize that can easily be keto.